The Vineyard


Ardgour Estate Vineyard was established in the millennium year 2000. From the first it was intended to follow organic and biodynamic principles. This ideal has been maintained. The first vines planted were un-grafted phylloxera resistant root stock. However due to a number of reasons these planted didn't prosper. Replanting, with grafted root stock (RG3306) and alternating rows of two differing clones (UCD5 and 777), began in 2003. 1800 pinot noir vines and 200 riesling are now planted.

Disease control

Spraying is confined to sulphur spray every 10 to 14 days for powdery mildew. An Organically Certified sulphur mix is used. This coming season it is planned to incorporate Alga600, Biogro Certified, (a foliar seaweed extract spray mix) with a number of sulphur sprays. No other spray controls are used.

Weed management

Weeds were hand weeded (oh my god... was that a nightmare!) for the initial three years until they were established and able to fend for themselves. Since that time, sheep in winter and mowing in summer, keeps weeds in balance.