Ardgour Estate Vineyard

Our story

Ardgour Estate Vineyard was established in the millennium year 2000. From the beginning it was intended to follow organic and biodynamic principles. This ideal has been maintained.


Ardgour Estate is placed centrally within the Ardgour Valley. The Vineyard bounds with the Lindis River to the west, Dry Creek to the south and the Willy Wong menagerie to the north and east. The valley is 20 minutes drive from Cromwell, and 30 minutes drive from Wanaka. The Southern Alps are 50 kilometres away to the north-west. The nearest ocean is the Tasman Sea at 180 kilometres away, but on the other side of the Alps. The Alps have a significant effect on the weather particularly the rain-shadow effect to the region. Tarras averages 400 to 450mm rainfall per year.

Ardgour Estate Vineyard
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Tarras, Central Otago
Phone: (+64) 3 443 5838
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